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  1. Bella says:

    I onestly love Twilight. Right now Im on New MOon and I’m sooo sad that Edward left! My favorite charecter so far is Alice… Keep Reading!!

  2. Mikii says:

    I love twilight but i’m worried about new moon since rob’s not in it much do u think it will be as popular as rob is the most popular cast member. I will definetly go see new moon. I luv taylor lautner just as much and he has an 8 pack

  3. Jessica says:

    Hey Bella!! Aren’t the books so good! Alice is my favorite character also, and I think Ashley Greene plays here perfectly. Is this your first time reading it?

  4. Jessica says:

    Hi Mikii I was reading an article that was saying Rob will appear in the movie as flittering images when Bella here his voice in her head, so he will be in it a little more than we thought. However I am excited to see the friendship between Bella and Jacob. That will be awesome!!

  5. Emmy says:

    I am new to Twilight. I picked up the book after being intrigued by what I was hearing about the movie. I am obsessed. I find myself constantly thinking about Bella and Edward. I read Twilight over the course of two days, total 12 hours. I just finished New Moon. I was devastated. I went around all day in a state of despair. My husband was like, “put the book away.” Finally saw the movie Twilight today with my husband — I think I have got him hooked. We debated back and forth for an hour afterwards. So happy to know I am not the only one so consumed by vampires.

  6. Jessica says:

    LOL Emmy, you are so not alone, there are hundred out there just like you. I almost stopped reading the series after New Moon, but after I started Eclipse I was glad I didn’t stop. Glad you and your husband liked the movie and that you converted him lol, he should check out
    Let me know when you finish the series!!

  7. Emmy says:

    Hey, Jessica! I checked out the link you suggested; thanks. I will let my “Edward” know. There was a cool telephone interview with Robert Pattinson. The movie was great, but I am glad I read the book first. You really got so much more insight into Edward’s character and how tormented he really was that the movie did not capture. Nontheless, I am sure I will be getting much use of the DVD. I have been holding off starting Eclipse because I feel I need to detox a bit. Like Edward said to Bella “you’re like my own personal brand of heroine” — I think I quoted him correctly — I am addicted.

  8. Jessica says: is great. I actually saw the movie first and was glad because I think I would have been disappointed lol. Anyway, If you thought the book had great insight into Edward check out: There is some great insight!!

  9. Jenny says:

    Hey guys I am new to the Twilight world, but thought I would share a link to a video with a new song, Our Feet don’t Touch the ground…’s really really good!

  10. Mac says:

    Hi guys I`ve got all the books ,the movie and the sound trek Edward isn`t in the book ne moon but in the movie it shows you what he`s like I`ve got an isider

  11. Julz says:

    I am a huge fan of Twilight!!! When I was first told about the series I refused to read it and watch the movie because I was very determined that anything relating to Vampires was going to be stupid… WAS I EVER WRONG!!! Edward won me over and his relationship with Bella is so intense that you can’t help but follow the story. I was slightly disappointed while reading New Moon, it was painful to have Edward leave… But of course it just added to the story and I ended up enjoying it… I am half way through Eclipse at the moment and anxious to continue!

  12. Jessica says:

    I was the exact same way!! Now look where I am lol!!
    New Moon was hard to read and I almost stopped half way through, but by the end I was in love lol. Let me know when you finish Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and be careful what sires you go on until then, many of them have spoilers that are a lot of fun later.

  13. Lakyn says:

    I love twilight it is like my favorite Vampire series ever!
    My whole school is reading it and thats like all we ever talk about. We also got some of the guys to start reading it…haha i think they like it they just dont want to admit on breaking dawn right now..about to finish it..i love the whole like story line of the book its so SWEET!! I do think its very odd tho that she got this whole series out of a kinda scares me to be honest with you.

  14. new fan says:

    I finished Twilight and then watched the movie. The book is so much better then the movie. Also the acting in the movie was horrible. The girl playing Bella was so BAD! You could pick anyone off the street to replace her. I was very disappointed and feel they need to recast for New Moon!

  15. Books101 says:

    Well im still on twilight im on p75 and im going to read all day im getting usetr bec edward and bella arent talking and he says there cant be friend its upseting and i saw some of the movie rob is cute but i like the book better you can see the difence between the book and the movie bellas car is black movie orangeish james scares me in the movie


  16. kathy says:

    Any of u twilight characters… i mean dont u guys get tired of fans saying the same things all of the time? Okay im a fan but i dont go overboard like a lot of other people. So do u guys get bored… If u read this i hope that i get an answer… Thanks

  17. Jessica says:

    What do you mean exactly? What information?
    I can imagine that it would be boring reading the same information on every website if thats what you mean, but we are all trying to be the first with the info.
    Can you explain yourself a little more? I would love to talk to you about it!

  18. R. Detwiler says:

    I’d like to see Q’orianka Kilcher cast as Leah Clearwater in the Eclipse movie. How can fans of both the book and the actress help to bring them together?

  19. Jessica says:

    The Best thing you can do is spread her name around the internet, the more people know about her the better. Secondly, make sure she auditions!!

  20. Holly says:

    The Twilight series has me hooked!! Spent time this fabulous 4th weekend reading the series – Again! Why is this so addicting? I am avoiding watching all New Moon previews so I can be suprised, but it is everywhere! I don’t want to see the interpretation of the book until I can see the whole movie. The books are always better – But these books are a daily must for me now. I really respect what Stephanie Meyers has created, and think she should be proud of creating such a phenominon. The details and explanations to why Vampires and warewolves are “just so” makes me believe she has some sort of inside scoop. I am looking forward to more writing from her, and really hope she continues the last book she started.

  21. Malibu says:

    I love the Twilight series, and I enjoyed the movie. However I did not like Kristin Stewert as Bella very much. I mean she blinked too much and I just didn’t care for her acting. Then Rob Pattinson just seems to scruffy and not as clean cut as I expected. Just my thoughts, sorry if I offended anyone.

  22. Brittany says:

    I love twilight but I think breaking dawn or eclipse is the best!! I can’t wait til new moon comes out!!!

  23. Danae says:

    Where can I find out about casting calls for renesme? thanks

  24. Nead xx says:

    Im so looking forward to the release of eclipse…read all four books 3 times already and eclipse has so much in it to offer the audience!realy cant wait! im just not sure what day it realeases in namibia! xx

  25. isabella says:

    only two days til eclipce ! i can’t stand it any more i need to see every detail about the twilight saga eclipce ! every thing is falling into place just where i need it to be so i will get on here in a few days again and give out every detail!


  26. shekinah says:

    first of all team edward all the way. now that we’ve gotten that out of the way i would like to explain way edward should have bella because the way jacob feels about bella could never compare to how edward feels about her. i mean its so much more than looks and how they look together, its about how they feel and sure jacob says he do anything for bella but when the time comes will he really do it but u know for sure edward will. plus if bella were to choose jacob, edward would respect her choice jacob, on the other hand woulde be all fine if u want to be a blood sucking leech dont expect me to be there when u change your mind if he really loved her he would respect her choice and be happy for her to all the people for team jacob i want u to give me a better reason for him to have bella

  27. Team Charlie says:

    I found the soundtrack finally! This site was decent had all of the songs with the videos. Well anyways i am out going to buy breaking dawn.