LA Eclipse Premiere

I am so excited! it is only days away until our Experience Twilight Eclipse Premiere and i can’t wait to see the movie!! Of course some lucky Twilighters got to actually see the movie already at the premiere in LA. We have heard and seen tons of news from the premiere and it looks like it was a blast!! Here is a wrap-up of some of the best info!!

Our Twilight Guy aka Kaleb Nation has been giving us live tweet updates of all the goings on at the Red carpet, here are some of the highlights-

KRISTEN STEWART on how she’ll handle being pregnant Bella in Breaking Dawn:

Why is Stephenie Meyer co-producing Breaking Dawn? I finally got to ask!

Eclipse red/black carpet!

And so much more!! Check them out @kalebnation

Huffington Post got pictures of the premiere and I have to say Kristen looks smashing in her Elle Saab one sleeve white gown!

Just as we suspected, all of the fans that were able to be on the red carpet went crazy over the sight of these awesome stars!-

Pretty much every site has information posted about the movies so it was hard to choose, but I hope this gives you at least enough to help you through the next couple days!! Hope you can come to our Experience Twilight Eclipse Premiere!!