Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

It’s been a pretty good week what with the new stills and just last night, the NEW 15 second Breaking Dawn spot!

We started out the week with Taylor Lautner on the cover of Seventeen Magazine!  As God is my witness, does anyone look better walking away?  Click HERE to see a video from the photo shoot !

We posted a photo of Robert Pattinson at the airport wearing a Baltimore Ravens hat!  Kinda random but my husband has the same hat and I always hated it.  I’m rethinking it now.  Check out the photo HERE!

Have you entered the Alfred Angelo Twilight Bridal Contest?  Enter HERE!

This weekend is Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks!  We hope everyone has a safe, fun weekend!  Take some time to drive to St. Helens to see theparking lot where Edward saved Bella, Bella’s Alley and the original Swan house as well as other fun Twilight shooting locations. While you’re there, stop into EXPERIENCE Twilight and say “HI!” to Kathy!  They have lots of fun Twilight items and some of them are even of sale!!!!

Summit Entertainment released TWO NEW BREAKING DAWN POSTERS THIS WEEK!!  Check them out HERE!

Check out Anna Kendrick on Jay Leno!

 Check out a poor quality photo from the 2012 Breaking Dawn calender!

There was a new Breaking Dawn still released this week!  Take a look HERE!  We also took the time to watch the “old”Breaking Dawn trailer to prepare for the new 15ish second spot that was released last night!  Watch the Breaking Dawn trailer HERE.

Elizabeth Reasor said the Breaking Dawn Wedding was the best she’s ever been to!  Read it all HERE!

We also posted a link on our Facebook page Ebay UK where they’re auctioning off the costume Rob wore inWater for Elephants!  The auction goes to benefit UNICEF, SAVE THE CHILDREN, WORLD CHILD CANVER AID…all good causes.  The bidding is up to 1,0347!   There’s still time!

..and finally, we got to see the NEW Breaking Dawn 17 second spot last night!  Well worth the wait! Watch it HERE!  I thought I loved Angry Edward.  I love me some worried Edward as well!

Last but not least, tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  We will all observe this day in our own way but Twilightblogs is joining other Twilight Fan sites in observing an hour of site and Facebook silence.  We hope you’ll join us.  Please go HERE if you’d like to be a part and observe with us.

Since we’re on the East Coast and West Coast as well, we will be observing twice.  These are the observance times but please go the Fandom Facebook page HERE to get more info.

1pm Eastern US Time -2pm  ~ Michelle
Noon Central US Time -1pm
11am Mountain US Time- Noon
10am Pacific US Time- 11am  ~ Kathy
7am Hawaii US Time – 8am

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Have a safe and happy September 11th weekend!  It doesn’t always have to be sad.  It’s Nessie’s Birthday after all and Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks!!!

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