New Blog Checklist

1. Change Password

Login to you new blog dashboard. (From here you will control the look, feel and function of your blog; as well as create posts and pages.) Click on ‘Users’ and then your username. Scroll to the bottom, type in your new password and click ‘update profile’.

2. Choose Theme

Click on ‘Design’ and you can edit the current default theme or choose a new template. To add your own image to the default theme just go to ‘Custom Image’ in the ‘Design’ section and upload your own image. (We will be adding theme and customization tutorials soon.)

3. Write First Post

From the dashboard click on ‘Write a New Page’. Type your first post and click ‘Publish’. Most people write a welcome message or information about what they plan to write about in their blog.

4. Delete Placeholder Post

Every new blog is created with a standard placeholder post titled “Hello world!”. To delete it go to ‘Manage’ and ‘Posts’. Check the box next to the post titles “Hello world!” and hit ‘Delete’.

Congratulations! You’re blog is now live and lookin’ good!

Here is a video that gives a detailed tour of your blog dashboard