Must Have TwiHard Stocking Stuffers for 2010

I spend a lot of time online these days and I come across some of the most interesting Twilight things that I think people should know about.  These items are must haves for the craziest TwiHards and most of them are relatively inexpensive.  So here is my list of Must Have TwiHard Stocking stuffers for 2010.

  1. Bella’s Bracelet ~ I think all of her bracelets are cool.  The saints, the turquoise one, but I love the special one that Jacob gives her for graduation.  The one Edward adds to, to make sure he is represented.  I found many of them online but I liked this one on 

 2.  Bella’s knit mittens from Twilight ~ I have two pairs of these and I absolutely love them!  I had them both made on Etsy and I’ve never regretted either purchase.  I bought the obligatory gray ones and I also got a pair of cranberry fingerless ones for when I’m using my camera.  I’ve used the hell out of both of them!

3.   Twilight Limited White Covers Red Edge Edition ~ I’ll be honest, I’m getting these for Christmas.  I know I’m getting these for Christmas because I ordered them and told my husband to hide them so I couldn’t see them before Christmas morning.  I haven’t even seen them except online!  I know it’s much more than a stocking stuffer but it is a MUST have for TwiHards.  How I’m not tearing this house apart to find them is beyond me.

4.    I Drive like a Cullen Widow Sticker ~ I have this in my back window and I laugh every single time I get in my car.  Well worth the $3 or so I paid.

5.    Twilight Inspired Ornaments ~ I’m seriously considering buying one of these. I think they’re pretty cool.  All it needs is a red bow at the top and it’s not expensive.

6.   The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Board Game ~ I need to add this to my collection of Twilight games I can’t get anyone to play with me.

7.   Bella’s Hat ~ Bella wore two cool knit hats in the Twilight Saga.  The green one in Eclipse and the gray one on First Beach in Twilight.  I love the gray one!  I’m actually wearing it right now because my house is like a friggen ice box!  I wear it often and so does my son.  He loves it and gets mad when I take it after I drop him off at school.  No way am I leaving that thing to get lifted by tiny fingers!   I am posting a photo below. I bought mine at Experience Twilight in St. Helens and so should you.  They shipped it right to my house.   It is very well made and is the perfect shade of gray!  I also bought the Eclipse one in their store as well.  Love them both!


                                                           Summit Entertainment

8.   Pocket Edward, Bella and Jacob ~ I guess they’ve made some of the other characters now but I’ve had a collection of Pocket Edwards for a while and this one if my favorite!  I’m sure you can get it someone cheaper but I loved this one so I wanted you to see it.  I got Catherine Hardwicke to sign my Pocket Edward when I took him on a whirlwind tour of the Twilight filming sites and I’m still pretty happy about it.

9.  Twilight Refrigerator Magnets ~ I have several of these that I got on my trip.  This is just one of my favorites.  They’re cheap, easy to get home without having to pay extra baggage fees and they make me laugh daily.  Even more so when my husband shakes his head and looks at me like I’m crazy.

10.   First Beach Sand ~ Now I know this isn’t easy for everyone but I totally snagged a little First Beach sand on my trip!  I even got a cool bottle at Leppell’s in Forks, which was probably my favorite store in the whole town.  The sand fits perfectly and I can’t believe it made the trip home in my suitcase!   It sits on one of my Twilight shelves and reminds me daily of the best trip I’ve ever taken!