Breaking Dawn Cast Dicusses The Wedding!!!


Love this clip where some of the Breaking Dawn cast dish on the wedding!!


28 DAYS PEOPLE, 28 DAYS!!!!!!

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Elizabeth Reaser Talks to MTV About the Last Day of Twilight Filming!

Elizabeth Reaser sat down with John Horowitz at MTV News for MTV’s Sneak Peak on The Art of Getting By along with her cast mates and was asked about her final day of shooting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn


She recalled saying goodbye to the epic five-movie saga while shooting the highly-anticipated Edward/Bella wedding scene, even though her work on the film wasn’t quite over. She’d had to stick around a bit longer to finish up some shooting on the film.

“Suddenly, we were on the dance floor at the wedding and it was suddenly over,” she said. “It’s also 7 in the morning, and we had been shooting all night, so it was this weird, surreal experience. We were all in shock.”

You can read more HERE and watch a clip below.

This is a clip from The Art of Getting By:


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TwilightBlogs Week End Recap!

It was a great week for Elizabeth Reaser whose new film ‘Homework’ with Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore was purchased by Fox Searchlight Pictures!  It looks like a really good movie that will probably do well so keep a look out for it!

Tinsel Korey just released a song called The Letter on Amazon and I-Tunes.  She has a sweet voice and you can play a sample on Amazon.  It’s only .99 and it really is beautiful.

Twilighters have ascended on Arsenal Park in Baton Rouge where they’ve been doing some outdoor filming for Breaking Dawn.  The green screen is HUGE and I’m certain it is visible from space so I’m not sure how they’ll keep tight security on that, but I guess we’ll see….

Keira Knightley has officially replaced Marion Cotillard as the female lead and love interest in the film adaptation of Cosmopolis.  She will play Rob’s(Eric Parker) wife.  I was looking forward to seeing Marion in this role so I’m a little bummed but look forward to seeing what Keira will do with it.  Fingers crossed.

The Razzies were announced this week and I call bullshit!  Somebody is a hater.  Eclipse is nominated in every category.  Hate it if you will, but don’t tell me it is the worst movie of the year.  That just makes you sound like you’ve got an axe to grind.  You can see all the nominees here.

Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen) was at the Sundance Film Festival when MTV asked her about working with Mackenzie Foy (Reneseme) and about what it was like to see Kristen as a newborn vampire for the first time.  Check this post out because there are nice videos of her answering questions about both.

With the last two Twilight movies now filming in Baton Rouge and soon to move to Vancouver, there is concern as to what happens to Forks when the Twilighters stop coming.  Tax revenue has increased dramatically in Forks since the books and movies were released.  Twilighters have traveled from across the country and across the globe to visit this tiny magical town.  What happens to the town with one stoplight when the money stops rolling in?  Go here to see the town’s concerns as well as some great photos I took on my trip in October.  got Photoshop happy with several movie posters and gave them the Twilight hookup.  I posted the best ones on our site but check out Listal’s website to see all of them but I posted a few of my favorites below.

It was a fun week in the world of Twilight but I have some good things planned for next week, so stick around!

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Elizabeth Reaser Talks Breaking Dawn

Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen) was at the Sundance Film Festival when MTV asked her about working with Mackenzie Foy (Reneseme) and about what it was like to see Kristen as a newborn vampire for the first time.

“She’s wonderful, and she lives across the hall from me in Baton Rouge, and she’s a wonderful, great actress,” Reaser said. “She never complains about anything. She’s so professional about everything. She’s such a sweetheart…..I think it was really well cast between Rob and Kristen. She could be their kid, you know? She looks like that,” Reaser said, laughing about the fact that Foy, who is 25 years younger than her, is playing her grandchild. “This is far too quick!”

Elizabeth talks about Mackenzie at Reneseme:

Elizabeth talks Breaking Dawn (starts at the 1:59 mark):

“She scared me a little bit on Thursday, I’ll be honest with you,” she said. “Because when vampires are newborns, they’re stronger than any other vampires, so for a second there I thought, ‘This might not end well. She’s looking pretty pissed right now.’ It was great.”

On Bella as a vampire:

MTV Source

E! Source

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Homework Sold to Fox Searchlight Pictures!

Elizabeth Reaser’s new film Homework has been purchased by Fox Searchlight Pictures!


“George, a lonely and fatalistic teen who’s made it all the way to his senior year without ever having done a real day of work, is befriended by Sally, a popular but complicated girl who recognizes in him a kindred spirit.”

Elizabeth plays Charlotte Howe, Emma Robert’s character’s mother.  It is a coming of age movie and while we’ve seen that over and over again through the years, these movies don’t generally have such a talented cast.  Homework stars Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser, Rita Wilson, Sam Robards and Blair Underwood. The film was produced by P. Jennifer Dana, Kara Baker, Gia Walsh and Darren Goldberg. The film is scheduled to be released in 2011.


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TwilightBlogs Week End Recap

What a long, strange sicky week its been, in my house anyway, but there was plenty of Twilight news to keep us busy.

Here are a few highlights:

We learned about the Twilight themed Parks and Recreation episode.

The Red Riding Hood movie poster as well as the official trailer from Catherine Hardicke were released and it looks like it will be an excellent and visually stunning film.

Rob was back on the Water for Elephants site doing reshoots and there were lots of photos available.  I’m really excited to see this film!

On Sunday Rob and Peter attended the Golden Globes and we got to see tons of photos anf even some great videos from MTV that I posted on my Big Fat Golden Gloes Post.

We got to see a new HD photo from Breaking Dawn!


Rob was bleeding on the Water for Elephants!  It was scary to see and we were glad that it was just for the movie.


There usually isn’t a tom of info out of the Breaking Dawn set but I was glad to see that they were getting ready to shoot at Bella’s house.  Not the real on but one they were building in Vancouver.


Kristen Stewart was on the cover of Vogue!  The photographs, all shot by Mario Testino was incredible and Kristen looks beautiful!    There is also a behind the scenes video as well.

Rob came in at #8 on Time Magazine’s  list of Top British Invasions!

We played the “who is in Cosmopolis?” game and got Kristen’s tortilla soup recipe.

Jackson Rathbone stopped by the Fender Showcase and we got the first look at the trailer for Ashely Greene’s new movie Skateland

The Official Twilight Convention Tour kicked off in Seattle this weekend and is again hosted by The Hillywood Show who will be showing Eclipse Parody that this year’s shows!

Moviefone put out a list of 10 Sundance 2001 Films Most Likely to Hit Theaters Soon.

1. Red State

2. My Idiot Brother

3. The Convincer

4. Another Happy Day

5. Margin Call

6. Like Crazy

7. Homework

Drama. With Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser, Rita Wilson, Blair Underwood. Directed by Gavin Wiesen. A smart loner befriends the school beauty in a high school coming-of-age tale. An attractive cast could make ‘Homework’ stand out from other ho-hum coming-of-age dramas that have debuted at Sundance.

8. The Ledge

9. Little Birds

10. Page One: A day in the Life of the New York Times

I think more than a few of these movies look promising.   Elizabeth Reasor in Homework sounds like it could be good.  I also like Emma Robets.  Michael Angaranois it it as well.  That should be interesting.  There is a documentary on the list which I find surprising, but I would love to see a behind the scenes documentary of the New York Times.  I’m sure that’s packed with one good story after another.

 Sundance openes on January 20th.


And finally, we got a look at the new Breaking Dawn title card!

Newer news:

Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn is launching her own hair extensions company and there is talk of Rob being interested in playing Jeff Buckley in a movie about his life.  One word, Hallelujah!  I think Rob would be perfect for this so I hope it is reliable info.  He can sing, well.  He can play guitar, well and my guess is that he can probably lip sync too. 

Jeff Buckley died in Memphis Tennessee in 1997 at the age of 30 when he went swimming in the Wolf River.  I’ve read a bit about his life and I think there is a good story there.  It would be great if Rob was the one who got to tell us that story.

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