Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

Comic-Con was last weekend and there were lots of photos and videos released this week!  You can check some of them out HERE.

In a move that I was beginning to believe that I would never see, the Bel Ami trailer was finally released!  You can check it out HERE.  The only words I can find to describe Rob in this film are Yum.E.


The first photos from Kristen Stewart’s movie Snow White and the Huntsman were released this week!   Check them out HERE!  I’m excited to see that Kristen will be playing a sword toting kick ass Snow White!

This week we got a look at the Comic-Con Breaking Dawn Cast Cards.  I’ve only seen mostly poor guality photos of them but I ordered them and haven’t received them yet.  When I do, I will post them

MTVNews posted their list of Top 5 Breaking Dawn Moments!  It’s a pretty good list so click on the link to check it out!

Check out the full Comic-Con panel with Taylor, Rob and Kristen, HERE!

Although I haven’t seen this spoiler, I’m willing to share because I know other want to.  This is the footage that was shown at Comic-Con of Bella and Edward’s honeymoon scene.  If you want to wait and see it in the theater, as I do,  DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!  You have been warned.  Click HERE if you just can’t wait.

 We had a contest a while back and gave away this great book called “Becoming Edward” by author Faye Meredith.  Our winner was Katie and she gave us this great review of the book.  Thanks Katie!  Read Katie’s review and purchase the book HERE.

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Have a great weekend!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

It was a short week for us here because of some server issues, but still an interesting week.

The fire at the View Point Inn consumed most of our week.  The fire was originally spotted by two Twilight fans who happened to be there checking out the place (Go Twihards!) and called it in.  We reported the fire on Monday with THIS post and then followed it up with updates and additions.

We posted VIDEOS of the fire and it’s aftermath as well as PHOTOS from the Inn.  During the week the owners asked for help from the public, Twilight fans specifically to help raise the money needed to rebuild.  They’d stopped paying their insurance months before so they had no way to rebuild unless someone stepped in.  They’d also filed for bankruptcy weeks before so they were hurting.

A good spot during the week was when we learned that a Asheville artist’s work was chosen to be displayed in Breaking Dawn, perhaps in the Cullen‘s house!  His name is Mitchell Lonas and you can see some of his work HERE.

Just when the Save the View Point Inn movement was picking up, the owners decided to throw in the towel and file for Chapter 7 liquidation.  It’s probably the smart move for a business that has seemed to been sinking but I worry what it means for the Inn.  Who is going to buy it in it’s current state.  Makes me ill. 

It was about this time that I server issues came into play so I couldn’t post anything on Friday or Saturday. So, I posted on Facebook instead.  If you don’t follow us on Facebook, please do.  Here’s the LINK!

We saw a French Breaking Dawn poster!

Kristen Stewart walked away from a minor traffic accident.  I’m still wondering why they towed her car, but hey, at least she’s OK!

More photos from the 2012 Breaking Dawn calendar were released.  Great photos of Edward, Rosalie, Jacob and for the love of God, Emmett looks like a rockstar!  Bella however looks like she’s all ears and Carlisle looks like a female impersonator!  How they do that to such a beautiful man is beyond me!  Peter Facinelli must have thrown up in his mouth when he saw that!

Not to mention that Cosmpolis wrapped, sending Rob into a much overdue vacation! Go Rob!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

This week’s Week End Recap is a little longer than usual because there wasn’t one last week because I was on vacation.  So, let’s get crackin!

We started off with Fender hosting a 100 Monkey’s listening party!

We celelbrated Edward Cullen’s 110th Birthday by ogling some beautiful photos of him!

Nikki Reed attended the 2011 Much Music Video Awards in Toronto with fiance Paul McDonald.

We got a peek at the 2012 Breaking Dawn calendar!

Darina updated us on her “Road to Forks” guest post!  This is the third post in the series and if you’ve missed the others, you can catch up below:

Darina’s “Road to Forks” Guest Post #1

Darina’s “Road to Forks” Guest Post #2

Darina’s “Road to Forks” Guest Post #3

Make sure you check back because she’ll be updating us weekly!

The Host, Stephenie Meyer’s next book to become a major motion picture finally has a release date!

The last remaining section of the old Forks High School was demolished. 

We’re having a contest to give away a new book called Becoming Edward by British author Faye Meredith!  It’s an excellent book!  You can read an excerpt and join the contest HERE!

The animal activist organization Animal Defenders International filed a lawsuit, along with a few civilians, against Tai’s trainers at Have Trunk Will TravelTai is the elephant used in Water for Elephants.
Win a chance to interview Taylor Lautner!

The Breaking Dawn panel is up first at this year’s Comic-Con!  Go HERE to see when they’re scheduled to appear!  Now we just wait to see WHO will be on the panel…

There was also news out this morning that Kristen Stewart’s movie Snow White and the Huntsman is set to become a trilogy!

“It’s meant to be the first in a series of films,” the producer told Entertainment Weekly. “This story will end, but there will be questions remaining for these three characters,” he further revealed, referring to the title characters as well as the evil queen.

Snow White and the Huntsman has a scheduled June 1, 2012 release date.

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

We started off the week with Catherine Hardwick’s movie Red Riding Hood being released on DVD and Blu-ray!  It’s a must see as it has an alternate ending which some are saying is better than the one they showed in theaters.  I’m not sure that’s true, but it’s a very Hardwickian ending!  Look at me makin’ up words!

You can order it from Amazon and check out their site HERE, where you can order it as well.

It was announced that just as there had been for Twilight and New Moon, there will be a Breaking Dawn I panel at Comic Con!  Now we wait to find out who will be on that panel.  Fingers crossed!

Darina, a fellow Twilighter recently took a trip to Forks and beyond and is guest blogging about her trip from the planning stage through the flight home!  See her fist post HERE!

It was announced this week that Carolina Hererra was the designer who created Bella’s wedding dress!  She talked to E! Online about it and you can see what she had to say HERE!

Dakota Fanning is fronting a new ad campaign for Marc Jacobs Fragrance!

The official teaser poster for Kristen Stewart’s movie Snow White and the Huntsman was released!  Bad quality but I’m on the hunt for a better image.

We got news this week that Robert Pattinson had lost the role in the soon to be made biopic about Jeff Buckley to Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl .  I was really bummed to hear this becauce I thought he’d be perfect for it.  There was talk that they wanted someone unkown, which I can’t blame them for.  I mean I couldn’t pick Penn Badgley out of a line up but perhaps I’m alone in that. 

Today there is talk that Penn Badgley getting the role isn’t true.  So, I’m not sure what’s going on.  It doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy to hear that he may not have gotten the role because there is still the part about wanting an unknown actor which screws Rob.  I love Jeff Buckley so I look forward to finding out who did get it.  I just plead that whoever does can sing well and play a guitar.  It’s important.

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

I feel like I waited for this week for ages!  I’d seen the preview for the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer so many times that I was dreaming about it and was super excited when I finally got to see it early Sunday.  It was supposed to be premiered at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards but it was everywhere earlier in the day.  I’m not sure how that happens but it was on reputable sites as well.

We started the week with finally being able to see the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer!  It was worth the wait!

Later that night we finally got to see the MTV Movie Awards which might be the most fun awards show I’ve seen in ages!  It sure seemed like Rob was having a great time!  Click on the link to see lots of photos.

There were tons of great videos from the night from acceptance speeches to presenting an award to Reese Witherspoon.  Check them all out HERE!

Bella & Edward’s Official Wedding Invitation was revealed this week!  Check it out HERE!  I did the wax seal on my wedding invitations so I’m a big fan of that!

Closed Sets reported that we’d be seeing an Extended Breaking Dawn Trailer in September!

This week Dakota Fanning graduated from high school!

Kristen Stewart attended the 2011 Glamour Women of the Year Awards with Jamie Campbell Bower!

Stephenie Meyer Makes Forbes “10 Most Powerful Women Authors!”

I had a busy week with the end of the school year and attending two concerts, Johnny Flynn and Mumford & Sons so I’m spent!  If you ever get a chance to see either, I recommend doing it because they were both incredible!  I’ve heard news that Bel Ami is this much closer to getting a release date!  I’ve heard October or November.  I don’t really care when it is released, I’m just glad to see some movement on it.  I was beginning to worry we’d never see it!

Don’t forget to join our Twilight Blog Hop and if you would like to do a guest post, please contact me!  We’re always looking for fun Twilight stories and we love posts on Twilight trips!

Have a great week!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

We started the week with a few fun and notable things. 

We got to see the Spanish version of the new Breaking Dawn teaser poster!

Michael Sheen did a dramatic reading of some Twilight Fan Fiction!

Robert Pattinson stopped by to watch his friend Johnny Flynn perform with The Sussex Wit in Toronto this week and if that performance was anything like the one I just saw on Thursday, it was excellent!

I came across a video on Facebook from So You Think You Can Dance of a girl dancing beautifully to a song from the Twilight Saga.  Can you pick out the tune?

Check out videos of Robert Pattinson filming in this restaurant in Toronto for Cosmopolis!

According to The Numbers Water for Elephants has grossed $100,494,945 worldwide!

Jamie Campbell Bower gets the lead in the Mortal Instruments!

Elizabeth Reaser talked to MTV News about the last day of filming The Twilight Saga!

MTV released a preview for the Breaking Dawn footage that is to be shown at the 2011 Movie Awards TOMORROW NIGHT!!  Go HERE to see the preview!

Taylor Lautner lost his publicist this week.  Here’s hoping he finds a new one soon.  I’m sure he’ll have no trouble.

It was announced on Thursday that Robert Pattinson would join Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the 2011 MTV Awards to present the Breaking Dawn footage!  You can watch it HERE.

We were able to get our hands on an HD version of the Breaking Dawn preview from MTV of the teaser trailer!

With the MTV Movie Awards happening this weekend, there has been a lot of chatter about what’s going on.  We’ve learned that Rob, along with Chelsea Handler and Patrick Dempsey will be presenting Reese Witherspoon with the Generations Award! Generations Award?   Isn’t she 35?? I wouldn’t know how to take that.

We’re told that besides the Breaking Dawn trailer, there will be another Twilight surprise, possibly on the red carpet.  I’ve heard lots of things about Rob & Kristen holding hands or having their first public kiss, which I think is just ridiculous but I’ve also heard maybe there could be extra footage or some of the stars could wear dresses from them movie.  Clearly we’ll have to wait til tomorrow to find out.  Here are a couple of stars who cause us to salivate even more:

“If you tune in to the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, you’re going to see something ultra-special at the red carpet. That’s right, something you’ve been waiting years for, and we’re really excited to show it to you, so make sure you tune in,”

Elizabeth Reaser got into the act as well……

The show is tomorrow, will you be watching?  What do you think the other surprise will be???

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap

At the end of last week we featured our Flashback interview with Ayanna Berkshire! I loved it so much that I’m posting the links here again! It was broken up into three parts, the third being a berry cobbler recipe that she wanted to share along with a story about she and her brother picking berries as children. LOVED IT! Click on the links to read each part of the interview.

Part I
Part II
Part II

Let us know if you make the berry cobbler recipe.  We’d love to hear how yours turns out!

Little Brown Books set a release date for Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 2!

We had three posts this week about the first days of filming of Rob’s movie Cosmopolis.  The First was to announce the first day of filming, the Second was about where they would be filming and the Third was to show the first photo that was released!

Summit Entertainment released a Breaking Dawn teaser poster this week!

Taylor Lautner was on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE to promote his new movie Abduction, which looks really good!  You can watch his appearance HERE and it includes a clip from the movie!

Last week Universal Studios pushed up the release date for Snow White and The Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart.  The untitled Snow White project starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins has just trumped them! Get the info HERE!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson both made Glamour UK’s Best Dressed in 2011! 

Jamie Campbell Bower Tweets a photo of himself!  LOVE HIM!

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart filming promo ads for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards!  Watch the Both HERE!!!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

It was a great Twilight week with movie posters, premieres and interviews! 

We started the week with a fun interview Ashley Greene did for Seventeen Magazine!  Click on the link to read the interview and see a clip from Skateland, which premiered this week! The photo above is the one that caused my husband to come to me and say, ” I saw that photo of Ashley Greene and she’s really hot!”  Seriously?  Where has he been for the last few years that he’s just noticing this?  She’s beautiful!

We posted an interview with Ayanna Berkshire that was done in May of 2010 during the New Moon Premiere Event! It’s a rather long interview with info about other projects that Ayanna has coming up.  I’m broke it up into two parts.  Read the first part HERE and the second part HERE. Very fun read with great photos of Ayanna and clips of her in Twilight as well as an interview about an upcoming project!

Please take time to read the full interview!  Ayanna is a lot of fun and we LOVE her!!!

Last summer Robert Pattinson performed a surprise song for the audience of Songs From A RoomWe’d heard little pieces of it before but now they’ve released the entire performance!  You can hear it HERE!

Although we have no release date for Kristen Stewart’s film On the Road, the movie poster was released this week!  You can see it HERE!  I really like this poster!  It made me want to see the film even more than I already do!

Universal Studios Announced that Kristen Stewart’s Snow White and the Huntsman has pushed up their release date!

MTV caught up with Kellan Lutz at the premiere of his newest film “Love Wedding Marriage.” They asked him what scene he was most looking forward to seeing and what was the most fun to shoot.  Watch the clip HERE!

I hear Bella Italia is working on having Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli avaiable for shipping!  The thought that I could eat that yummy meal again in the privacy of my own home makes me giggle!  I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

We started out the week in Washington DC at Madame Tussaud’s with Robert Pattinson’s Wax Figure!

While I didn’t think it looked all that much like him, it was fun to see.  I certainly had fun with it!

Rob did an interview on Australian TV that I LOVED!  He appeared on Sydney Sunrise TV and you can watch it HERE.  Lots of fun and because it’s on the press junket for Water for Elephants, there is an elephant involved.

Kristen Stewart snagged the award for Best Female Actress at the Milan Film Festival! She won the Leonardo Horse for her role as Mallory in Welcome to the Riley’s. 

Rob’s 25th Birthday was rapidly approaching and he mentioned the only thing he seems to want for his birthdayHanes t-shirts!

Michael Sheen talks about Aro in Breaking Dawn!  Watch the clip HERE.

Now that Rob has completed his filming for Breaking Dawn he is looking forward and realizes that he will spend years trying to make other people see that he is much more that a sparkly vampire before people really take him seriously as an actor.  Read his quote HERE.

BooBoo Stewart talked to Hollywood Life about the end of the Twilight Saga.

Rob has revealed to MTV News that he hopes his kiss with Kristen Stewart in Twilight Saga: Eclipse can win the Best Kiss at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards!

Kristen talked to Entertainment Weekly about the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn as well as the honeymoon love scenes!

Rob is interviewed by Rick Astley about Water for Elephants!  Fun interview but kinda random.  Watch the video HERE.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!  Rob turned 25 just yesterday and we celebrated by posting some of our favorite photos of him!  Check it out HERE.

I’m working on a Flashback interview with Ayanna Berkshire!  So look for that next week!!!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

Is it just me or did this week go by really fast?  Between my trip to Nashville, accidently deleting every single email in my inbox (all 787 of them) and the “upgrade” that screwed up my laptop, it seemed like a short week but that may be because all that crap kept me busy.

We started out the week with a video of Peter Facinelli talking about Breaking Dawn as he volunteered to clean up Grand Canyon National Park with Energizer during National Park Week.

Summit Entertainment released even more Official  Breaking Dawn Stills this week.  While I personally wish they’d stop, I know people want to see them so I’ll share when I can.  You can see the photos HERE.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala was this week!  Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Dakota Fanning attended looking amazing, as always!  See photos HERE.  Check out Kristen’s kick ass shoes!

We learned this week that Eclipse has been nominated in 8 categories this year at the MTV Movie Awards!  Please vote in each category!  You can do that HERE!

Director Francis Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz and Robert Pattinson sat down to answer a few questions at a press conference during the Water for Elephants press junket in Paris.  You can see the entire press conference HERE.

Ashley Greene did a quick interview and we got to see a trailer for Skateland which is coming out soon.  It looks like a good movie.  Check out the video HERE.

Kellan Lutz has a new movie coming out too!  Love, Wedding, Marriage is scheduled to be released in June!  You can watch a short clip HERE.

…and last but not least, we got yet another NEW Official Breaking Dawn Movie Still!

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