Twilight Cast Does their Part!

It is not that uncommon to hear about members of the Twilight cast lending a hand to help out in a charity. Peter Facinelli is the spokesperson for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Ashley Greene bares all for PETA, Kellan Lutz promotes mammograms, and so much more! Here is just a few tidbits of the way the Twilight cast, and fellow twilighters have been doing their part!

Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a charity that has massively increased in popularity thanks to Twilight/ Not only is Dr. Carlisle Cullen aka Peter Facinelli, the spokesperson for the charity, but it is a charity that has touched the hearts of twilighters everywhere. Started by a young girl with cancer, Alex’s Lemonade raises money for Children’s cancer by holding lemonade stands! Twilight fans have got behind the charity by raising awareness and doing their own events. For our Experience Twilight Eclipse premiere we did our own Alex’s Lemonade stand! There was even a stand at the LA Eclipse Premiere. Recently, the parents of Alex posted this video thanking fans for all the money raised!

Good Job Twilighters!!

Kellan Lutz plays monkey man Emmett Cullen, and he has really caught the attention of twilighters, especially the girls! But he is putting that attention to good use by supporting many charities! His ladies was a bowling event which raised money for the Matt Leinart Foundation, which provides opportunities to children.


Lastly we have Alex Meraz, Julia Jones, and Tinsel Korey all lend a hand to help build a new playground for students!

There is so much more that the cast is doing and there is more that you can do to help too! Find a local charity and start raising money in your community today!!