A Sixth Twilight Movie, Really?

I’m a Twilight fan.  I mean I really, really like the whole thing.  That doesn’t mean that if you make something and slap Twilight on it that I’ll buy it but I think (for the most part) what has been done with the movies in relation to the books has been pretty good.  Some movies better than others but that’s to be expected.  I can’t be the only one who feels pings of nausea when I hear there are talks of a sixth Twilight film.  It’s just a bad idea.

What’s wrong with quitting while you’re ahead? Going out on top? Trying to suck the life out of something that’s really good and means so much to so many is a really, really bad idea.  There are always be Twilight fans who will buy a kumquat if you put Edward’s face on it but there are also some of us who like the quality of the films and the though of it being taken over the top with what would basically be a spin off, just unnerves us.  We’re the same ones who that while we find it fun, think that Team Edward and Team Jacob was the worst thing that ever happened to Twilight.

From The Stir:

“Last week, Lionsgate co-chair Rob Friedman revealed that if Meyer wants to write another Twilight installment, the studio—which recently bought Summit—will “be there to support her.” Uh, duh?! That would only translate to more mega-bucks galore for the studio!! But it doesn’t seem like Meyer is on board as Lionsgate or the fans may wish she was. At least not when it comes to vampire romances.”

Has anyone ever seen the 6th Rocky film (Rocky Balboa), Police Academy VI, Friday the 13th Part VI, Saw VI, Seed of Chucky?  The only thing these films have in common is that they all suck.  Please let this sleeping dog alone.  I beg of you.  It’s not like any of the main actors would come back for this so they’d use horrible “seem a likes” and it would be a nightmare.    Just let it go.

There’s also always talk of Midnight Sun.  Sure I’d like to read the rest of it but as far as making it into a movie, it’s already been done.  It’s called Twilight.


Photo Credit ~ Summit Entertainment