A Sixth Twilight Movie, Really?

I’m a Twilight fan.  I mean I really, really like the whole thing.  That doesn’t mean that if you make something and slap Twilight on it that I’ll buy it but I think (for the most part) what has been done with the movies in relation to the books has been pretty good.  Some movies better than others but that’s to be expected.  I can’t be the only one who feels pings of nausea when I hear there are talks of a sixth Twilight film.  It’s just a bad idea.

What’s wrong with quitting while you’re ahead? Going out on top? Trying to suck the life out of something that’s really good and means so much to so many is a really, really bad idea.  There are always be Twilight fans who will buy a kumquat if you put Edward’s face on it but there are also some of us who like the quality of the films and the though of it being taken over the top with what would basically be a spin off, just unnerves us.  We’re the same ones who that while we find it fun, think that Team Edward and Team Jacob was the worst thing that ever happened to Twilight.

From The Stir:

“Last week, Lionsgate co-chair Rob Friedman revealed that if Meyer wants to write another Twilight installment, the studio—which recently bought Summit—will “be there to support her.” Uh, duh?! That would only translate to more mega-bucks galore for the studio!! But it doesn’t seem like Meyer is on board as Lionsgate or the fans may wish she was. At least not when it comes to vampire romances.”

Has anyone ever seen the 6th Rocky film (Rocky Balboa), Police Academy VI, Friday the 13th Part VI, Saw VI, Seed of Chucky?  The only thing these films have in common is that they all suck.  Please let this sleeping dog alone.  I beg of you.  It’s not like any of the main actors would come back for this so they’d use horrible “seem a likes” and it would be a nightmare.    Just let it go.

There’s also always talk of Midnight Sun.  Sure I’d like to read the rest of it but as far as making it into a movie, it’s already been done.  It’s called Twilight.


Photo Credit ~ Summit Entertainment

‘Twilight’s’ Melissa Rosenberg Becomes Highest-Grossing Female Screenwriter!

Our own Melissa Rosenberg is now the highest paid female screenwriter in Hollywood!  Go Melissa!  Lets hope for a day when she’s just the highest paid screenwriter and the fact that she’s a woman is a non issue.  Baby steps….

From the Hollywood Reporter:

In the last two weeks, the total grosses for movies Rosenberg has written surpassed those of Linda Woolverton, whose 20-year career had its biggest hit in 2010 with the Tim Burton-directed Alice in Wonderland adaptation. That Disney release cleared the billion-dollar mark ($1.024 billion) and stands as the ninth-highest-grossing movie of all time. The Lion King, which Woolverton also co-wrote, is now 14th on that list thanks to a recent 3D re-release, with $945.6 million in worldwide revenue. Combined with her other produced work, those movies contribute the lion’s share of Woolverton’s $2.39 billion total

Read more of the article at the Hollywoodreporter.com


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In Search of Edward ~ Our Winner!!!!

And our winner is…….Samantha Justilian via Twilightblogs.com and our Facebook page!!    Samantha, please send me your email address so I can get it to the author ASAP so you can get yourebook!  Also, once you’ve read it, we’d love to have you do a guest post on Twilightblogs.com to review the book!  I’m sure you’ll love it!  It’s a really fun book to read, even if you aren’t searching for your Edward.  Congrats!

If you are not our winner and would like to purchase this book, please go to these sites:



EPUB format

A bit about the book:
Ladies, are you hoping to someday find your own Edward Cullen or Jacob Black? Guys, are you wondering what it is women are looking for in a guy? This guide was written with both of you in mind. The first four chapters, or “Her Guide”, offer insight on why men aren’t too keen on taking your advice, which qualities of Edward’s and Jacob’s aren’t exactly realistic when we’re talking about real, flesh-and-blood men and the importance of revising your expectations to be more in line with what men are really like. The second half of the book, or “His Guide”, reveal why Twilight is like football for women, what it is that women find so attractive in both Edward and Jacob, and how you can show her that you’re a better man than both of them.

For the ladies…

Why do guys cringe when you try to help them with something?

What qualities of Edward’s and Jacob’s might you actually find in the real life man of your dreams?

Which of their qualities are based not so much in reality, but in the idealistic storytelling of the Twilight Saga’s female author, Stephenie Meyer? 

What’s the difference between standards and expectations (and why should you care)?

How do you set the bar high, but not so high that no man will ever live up to your vision of what Mr. Right looks like?


For the guys…

What does the Twilight Saga have in common with football, video games, gadgets and more (and why should you care)?

Why do girls seem to only be interested in dating guys who treat them like crap? 

What is it about that creepy, sparkly stalker guy that women love so much?

What critical mistakes does Jacob make in trying to turn Bella from a friend into a girlfriend? 

How do you go about getting the woman of your dreams to not only notice you, but arrive at the realization that you’re just as good as Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?  

Imagie credit ~ Tina Kelleher

In Search of Edward ~ A Contest!!

NEW CONTEST!!!! This contest is for a recently published Twilight-focused relationship advice ebook by author Tina Kelleher!
I was sent this book by the author and I’ll be honest, I had my doubts if I’d enjoy it.  I didn’t think it would be my thing but I powered through on my reader and I’m happy to say that I was wrong!  This book is fabulous and I love the way she breaks the characters down and finds their faults.  Which really isn’t difficult if you’re looking for them but I’ve never heard anyone break them down like this before in a way that cold actually help you understand what is not so great about Bella’s relationships in a way that can relate to your own life and possibly help you from making your own mistakes.  Everyone makes mistakes in love (as well they should) but sometimes it’s nice to not be blindsided by them evern if you can’t see them coming.  She breaks down why both Jacob AND Edward are possible bad choices for Bella.  Interesting……
Check out her site, www.isoedward.com/  You can read excerpts there!
Soooo, thanks to a very generous author, we’re having another contest and this one is international!!  You can win  if you live in Detroit and you can win if you live is Sri Lanka!!  This is an ebook so no shipping costs!!!  All you have to do it comment bellow this post, on our Facebook or Twitter pages with this comment “In Search of Edward!” 
About the book:
Ladies, are you hoping to someday find your own Edward Cullen or Jacob Black? Guys, are you wondering what it is women are looking for in a guy? This guide was written with both of you in mind. The first four chapters, or “Her Guide”, offer insight on why men aren’t too keen on taking your advice, which qualities of Edward’s and Jacob’s aren’t exactly realistic when we’re talking about real, flesh-and-blood men and the importance of revising your expectations to be more in line with what men are really like. The second half of the book, or “His Guide”, reveal why Twilight is like football for women, what it is that women find so attractive in both Edward and Jacob, and how you can show her that you’re a better man than both of them.

For the ladies…

Why do guys cringe when you try to help them with something?

What qualities of Edward’s and Jacob’s might you actually find in the real life man of your dreams?

Which of their qualities are based not so much in reality, but in the idealistic storytelling of the Twilight Saga’s female author, Stephenie Meyer? 

What’s the difference between standards and expectations (and why should you care)?

How do you set the bar high, but not so high that no man will ever live up to your vision of what Mr. Right looks like?


For the guys…

What does the Twilight Saga have in common with football, video games, gadgets and more (and why should you care)?

Why do girls seem to only be interested in dating guys who treat them like crap? 

What is it about that creepy, sparkly stalker guy that women love so much?

What critical mistakes does Jacob make in trying to turn Bella from a friend into a girlfriend? 

How do you go about getting the woman of your dreams to not only notice you, but arrive at the realization that you’re just as good as Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?  

About the author:

My intention with this book is primarily to demystify some of the more confusing questions about love that most people tend to have as they learn what it means to be in an emotionally mature relationship.  

As I mention in the book, what inspired me to write it was a conversation with my husband where he pointed out that most female fans of the Twilight Saga who’re less experienced in what love is really like are at risk of developing these lofty, unrealistic expectations because they’ve set the bar with Edward (or Jacob).  He expressed sympathy for the guys who will be tasked with living up to those expectations as very few will be able to pull it off successfully… or at least, not many will be able to pull it off without some guidance on how to go about it.

No sooner did he finish expressing that thought when I was reminded of a memory of a friend who had come to me for advice after a girl he’d asked out had turned him down (see the “His Guide” Excerpt from Chapter 4).  The more I thought about what I told him that night and how it helped him, the more I considered trying my hand at writing this book.

?Whether you’re a girl wondering which qualities of Edward’s you might actually find in a flesh-and-blood guy, or if you’re a guy wondering how to avoid the dreaded “nice guy” or “just a friend” label, In Search of Edward: A Twilight Fan’s Guide to Love and Relationships should help shed a little light on both

Now onto my favorite parts of the book:

This part made me laugh:

“When he asked me why, I rattled off a few quick reasons off the top of my head: he’s a 109 year old world traveler with two Harvard degrees, those things alone are enough life experience and intelligence to hold my attention.

“And he’s rich,” my husband added.

“That certainly doesn’t hurt…” I replied.”

 I love how she explains the problems with both Edward and Jacob and why Bella has good reason to not be with either of them.

I love how the author made a list of the things she wanted in the man she would marry when she was still in college!  I think everyone should do that!

 Also, I love that Joe Jackson song and haven’t heard it in years!

I also LOVE how she has a section for men!  The best part about the section is that even though it’s written by a woman, it isn’t written in a way that I think men would find belittling.   It’s full of practical advice which is what you want in a book like this.

If you are not our winner and would like to purchase this book, please go to these sites:



EPUB format

I can’t make you read a book but as a HUGE Twilight fan, I can tell you that this is a great book and definitely worth the read!

Contest rules: This is a Twilight-focused relationship advice ebook.  Winner will receive the book in EPUB or PDF formats only.  Contest will run for one week, ending on December 24, 2010 at 11:59 PM.  I will randomly choose a winner on Christmas day after my kids cover my house in enough wrapping paper to require the death of an entire forest.  To be entered, you must comment bellow, on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page with this comment and this comment only “In Search of Edward!”  You may comment on all three for more chances to win.  Good luck!!!

Rob says he totally would have played the role of the shirtless werewolf!(audio)



Ever wonder what Breaking Dawn would be like without Robert Pattinson in the part of Edward Cullen? Or any of the Twilight Saga films for that matter? Well, R-Pattz has. In fact, in a recent interview, the Twilight heart-throb revealed he once wanted to play the part of Jacob–a role now as closely identified with that other Twilight heart-throb, Taylor Lautner as Edward Cullen is with Rob.



Most twihards probably think of Edward Cullen as the role Robert Pattinson was born to play. However, in a recent interview with iHeartRadio, the 25-year-old actor admitted that he would have loved to try the part of Bella’s BFF Jacob Black on for size. The only possible problem would have been the shirtless scenes. Although doffing his top apparently never bothered the buff, gym-addicted Lautner, gym-shy R-Pattz admits that the shirtless scenes would have been tough for him.

“Ya I mean I love that part,” Rob said, adding, “I wouldn’t really want to work out all the time it’s really not my lifestyle choice.”

But wait. There was another part in the series that Rob would have been totally down with playing, but which, alas, no one thought of offering it to him–the role of Bella Swan.

“[Jacob] Or Bella!” joked Rob. “I mean they are both great parts.”

True. However, it would probably have required a lot more than a diet and exercise regimen to get Robert Pattinson ready to play Bella Swan. The producers were wise to go with Kristen Stewart on that one.

No offense, Rob.

Oh Rob, always the jokester. But could you ever imagine these movies with Taylor as Edward and Rob as Jacob?

Listen to full interview here.


Credit to Hope Carson at celebs.gather.com

Cedit to iheart.com



*Guest Post* My Road to Forks!

Apr 21st…Our Last Full Day in Twi Heaven!

On our last day in Forks we decided to head back out to LaPush. But before we headed out of town we stopped at Sully’s Drive In for some lunch. It’s a great little place and they also have Twilight themed menu items.

The guided tour didn’t really satisfy our appetites for LaPush baby!!! The weather was sunny and warm but once we got to First Beach it was chilly and super windy. We climbed down and over lots of driftwood and then took a ton of pictures. I seriously couldn’t get enough of this place. We spent about 40 minutes on the beach and then headed to the giftshop at the Quileute Oceanside Resort to pick up a few souvenirs. This place seems a lot better than any of the motels in town but I recently discovered that they don’t have televisions or internet service in any of their accommodations and it is a bit more expensive than staying at the Forks Motel.

Once we got back into Forks we stopped by the high school administrative office. The ladies were extremely nice and patient. They gave us a couple of visitor’s passes for scrapbooking and we bought some authentic Forks Spartans sweatshirts.

We had planned to go back to Rialto Beach for sunrise this day but when I woke up at 5:30am it was raining so we decided to go back for sunset instead. Marsha was exhausted and decided to stay at the motel and pack up her things for our departure the next morning. It was just me and my daughter. We arrived at Rialto Beach about 30 minutes before sunset and started walking. I wish I had the words to describe just how beautiful it was. I don’t remember where I heard about “the hole in the wall” but we saw it about a mile down the beach.

I really wanted to try and walk down there but was nervous because these beaches aren’t like commercialized beaches. Once it’s dark there aren’t any lights from a boardwalk to guide you home. There were a few people on the beach so we felt like it would be ok. We were trying to walk as quickly as we could but it was difficult in the sand. I just kept thinking that this would be our only chance. Along the way we took pictures of the sunset and when we reached the “hole” there was a couple there with their bulldog. The “hole” is surrounded by tidal pools and rocks covered with slippery moss. I asked the guy if he thought we could make it without falling and he said we could. We made it without falling and got to the other side of the “hole” and took pictures looking back at the roughly 1.5 miles we just walked. In the tidal pools there were urchins and starfish.

The experience was remarkable. We started the long walk back and my legs were aching already. We caught up with the couple who happened to be local to the area. The guy asked us if we were from Forks and I told him that we were from Virginia. He ended up giving me a piece of amber that he found on the beach that night. Such a nice gesture that I’ll treasure forever. Once I got home I had my cousin’s new wife wrap it in silver and make a pendant for me which I wear often. It makes me feel closer to that night. If I didn’t love the Pacific Northwest by now, I was head over heels after this night. I can only say that I wish there had been more time to take it all in. I’m hoping to be able to visit again one day and spend more time in Forks and LaPush. There are so many things that we didn’t get the opportunity to see and do. The area is just mesmerizing.


It was after 8pm when we made it back to our motel and we still had to pack up all of our stuff and prepare for the drive into Seattle the next morning.

Sigh…leaving so soon?  I love the Hole in the wall photos and the one of Kayla laying on the beach taking photos!  I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that.  I’d rather be dirty and wet and have gotten the photo I wanted than to have missed it for fear of getting wet.  I’m sad there is only one more post but I’ve had fun reading about your great trip!

Total side note on that beautiful necklace.  I know nothing about amber and was curious as to why that guy found it on the beach so I asked Darina and she sent me this:

Amber is not a mineral, as it began as a amorphous resin. In fact, it is actually a “glob” of fossilized tree resin or sap that flowed down an ancient coniferous tree trunk in an ancient forest–perhaps in a forest that is now lost in antiquity. The tree sap was sticky, and it caught organic materials: drops of water, bits of moss, dirt, bark, seeds and insects. As it grew older, it hardened into a sort of Mother-Nature-made plastic, a resin, and mellowed into a golden, light brown-orange color known as Amber. The more clear the resin, the more perfect the color, the more full of organic materials the amber is, the more it is worth. Amber is considered a gemstone–an organic gemstone like a pearl, which is generated from biological processes. Amber is generally found in association with lignite coal, which is also the fossilized remains of trees and other plant material.

Amber perfectly preserves insects from decomposition–even their soft tissues are preserved. As seen in the movie Jurassic Park, mosquitoes can still have the blood of their victims inside them, sealed and kept intact forever. It’s no wonder Amber is a symbol of eternity–and eternal divinity.

Live and learn I guess.  This is a photo of Darina‘s necklace that I think is an amazing keepsake from her trip!

All photos are Darina’s



People Magazines Best of 2011

Readers’ Choice Winners (& Losers)!

See how 3 million votes add up to the most amazing, memorable star moments of the year. Plus: Your real people favorites!



In a true fairy-tale transformation, the demure beauty from Bucklebury, England, gave us all royal wedding fever when she walked into Westminster Abbey looking every bit a princess bride and emerged as British royalty on April 29. So it came no surprise you voted the Duchess of Cambridge as the public figure who reigned supreme – topping little sister Pippa and leading man Ryan Gosling.



Bring on the bling! In a year filled with high-profile engagements and impressive jewels, readers overwhelmingly picked the Oscar winner’s rare 4-carat Ashoka diamond ring (set on a pavé diamond-and-platinum band) as the hands-down best. The ring’s 62-displayed facets and rounded corners create a dazzle like no other – no wonder you said “I do” to the sparkler.






















What’s in a name? History and sentiment, according to David and Victoria Beckham, who went with a cherished, literary pick when it came to naming their newborn daughter. “Harper is an old English name which we love,” he said. “One of the other reasons is Victoria’s favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird and the author was Harper Lee.”























It was a British invasion of royal proportions! William and Kate‘s fairy-tale wedding, Pippa‘s backside, Beatrice’s hat and one very hot Harry solidified the royals as the ones to watch in 2011. Not since Beatlemania has a love for all things British reached such a fever pitch, with PEOPLE.com readers coming in record-breaking numbers to follow the royal wedding, from the moment the first guests arrived at Westminster Abbey till the last partygoer left Buckingham Palace.



It was a year filled with blessings and big wins for the former Married With Children star, who’s proven she’s a survivor – both on- and off-camera. Following her battle with breast cancer, Applegate ushered in 2011 with her “miracle baby,” Sadie Grace, and made a TV comeback playing a working mom (natch!) on the NBC hit Up All Night.






















Is Kim Kardashian‘s ongoing divorce drama the beginning of the end for her family’s lucrative reign over reality TV? With fans accusing her of faking her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, a full-on Kardashian backlash has begun. By a landslide, readers proclaimed they are “so over” the family, so much so that thousands have also petitioned E! to cancel Keeping Up with the Kardashians for good.



Thanks to a breakout role in Black Swan and a lead in Friends with BenefitsKunis turned 2011 into her moment to shine. From making a fiery statement at the SAG Awards and looking lovely in lavender at the Oscars to topping off her prima ballerina status with a frilly white frock at the film’s Russian premiere, the 28-year-old actress was clearly en pointe when it came to dazzling PEOPLE.com readers.



The show may be over, but Oprah’s wisdom lives on! Winfrey replies to her followers with thoughtful, inquisitive Tweets – each one an “aha!” moment all their own – making her 140-character shout-outs on the micro-blogging site the most sought after by PEOPLE.com readers.




He’s played a superhero and holds a Sexiest Man Alive title, so it’s easy to see why Reynolds is the actor you’d most want to mingle with over such eligible singles as Leonardo DiCaprio and Olivia Wilde. Never mind the actor has been getting cozy with his former Green Lantern costar Blake Lively. If given the chance, PEOPLE.com readers still wanted to spend QT with the Canadian charmer.





















The Oprah Winfrey Show
After a quarter-century on TV, the Queen of Talk said goodbye to The Oprah Winfrey Show in May. During that time, she shared her toughest struggles and greatest triumphs, introduced her Favorite Things, gave away hysteria-inducing swag (276 cars in one show!), got millions to read with her book club and donated millions more through her Angel Network. No wonder her farewell featured a galaxy of stars and 13,000 cheering fans.



After traveling around the world, 25-year-old Leah Mosall took a six-month-long vacation to Los Angeles, where she got first-hand experience with the paparazzi who thought she was indie darling Zooey Deschanel. And PEOPLE.com readers agree, choosing the Albany, N.Y., resident as a ringer for the New Girl star. “I think it’s flattering because she’s beautiful,” says Mosall. “Everyone’s been really excited for me. It’s just a fun thing.”



Art Von Hagen has had a decade’s worth of comparisons to Matt Damon – since the Oscar winner’s breakout role in 1997′s Good Will Hunting. But the Yonkers, N.Y.-based plumber can thank relatives from Boston to Alaska for helping him score the Best Male Look-Alike title. “I was pretty shocked and pretty happy,” he says of just being in the running. But nothing compares to the thrill his wife, Laura, is experiencing. “Forget it,” says the 37-year-old. “She’s so excited about it. She’s living for this right now.”



By Dickens, when did Russell Brand get so doggone cute! Rebecca Long from Great Falls, Mont., shared a photo of her golden doodle because of his uncanny resemblance to the British comic. But more than just looks, “He’s really goofy. And he’s just a really happy dog. I think that translates through the pictures,” says Long, adding, “It made my day! To see him on PEOPLE.com tickles me to death!”





After creating a homemade sign professing his love for Taylor Swift, Chase Yurtin stood outside a San Jose, Calif., radio station with his nanny in the hopes the “super pretty” star would take notice. And she did! Swift invited Yurtin, then 6, to sit in on her radio interview. “It was the coolest thing ever!” says the 8-year-old. And the excitement didn’t stop there. “He thinks he is famous,” Yurtin’s mom, Lori, says of her son seeing his photo online.
























Lynda Chaplin of Edmonton, Alberta, turned her passion for Stephenie Meyer’s vampire-themed fantasy books into a labor of love – and a landslide win! From posters and paperbacks to action figures and board games, the stay-at-home mom, 35, has Twi-hards to thank for her victory. “All my [fellow] Twilight lovers came together,” says Chaplin of the outpouring of support she received from Facebook groups and fan sites.



Becoming Edward in Paperback ~ A CONTEST!!!!

We ran a contest several months ago for a digital copy of a fun Twilight inspired book called Becoming Edward by Author Faye Meredith.  Well, we’re doing it again but this time it’s for an actual signed copy! Becoming Edward is now in paperback!!!  You can see the original contest HERE and read an excerpt!

If you love Twilight, you will love this book!  I’m not easily impressed and there were parts of this book that made me laugh out loud! It’s really very entertaining.

Becoming Edward is the story of Rachel who is hooked on Twilight and is in love with Edward Cullen. Clive is obsessed with Rachel but he’s no Edward. Lewis is in love with himself until he meets Rachel.

Both boys fail to win her until one of them has the bright idea of becoming Edward.

Becoming Edward is a light-hearted teen fiction novel for young adults who love paranormal romance, especially Twilight and Breaking Dawn. There are no vampires in it, but there is a boy who thinks he’s Edward Cullen.

The author is a huge Twilight fan and explores what it’s like to be a Twi-hard while other people just ‘don’t get it’

This time we’re giving away the paperback and all you have to do it comment bellow, on or Facebook page or on Twitter with this comment, “I want my Edward!”

A bit about the author and how she came up with the idea for Becoming Edward:

“I first read Twilight when I was ill and stuck in bed for a week, which was actually quite lucky. It allowed me to read each book in the saga one after the other, back to back. I guess you’d call it chain-reading because I was hopelessly addicted. A familiar story with all of us Twi-fans.

When I got better I went into Borders, which I used to go into and browse nearly every week. I loved that place and I’m gutted it’s closed. Anyway, I saw the strangest sight of all these girls huddled on the floor around the Twilight section reading Breaking Dawn like their lives depended on it. A thought jumped into my head: I wonder what would happen if someone who looked like Edward Cullen walked in right now.

The thought didn’t go away and festered in my head. There’s a story in that I thought. Now, I’d never written a book before, but I am a copywriter for ads and brochures by trade, so I gave it a go. At first I wanted to just write about a guy who looked like Edward but wasn’t aware of it, and the reaction he had on girls. But it didn’t feel right. It’d be more interesting if someone transformed into Edward for a reason, and what would make him do such a thing? It had to be for love. That’s when I had the idea for Rachel – the girl that’s hopelessly in love with Edward. If he fancied Rachel but couldn’t get her, then that would give him a good enough reason.

After I sketched out the idea in my head, I thought someone must have already written a book like this – it seemed so obvious. I searched and searched on the internet, but couldn’t find anything remotely like it. Apart from all those Twilight spoof books, which I’m really Not into. My book would be different. Yes, I wanted to make it light-hearted and funny, but I didn’t want to mock Twilight in any way. After all, I’m a big fan of it. Becoming Edward is more about the effect Twilight has on people and the extreme ways this can reveal itself.

It took me a year to write and though it was very hard it was also extremely enjoyable. It’s a book about Twilight fans for Twilight fans. And although there are no vampires or supernatural elements in it, I think people will identify with the characters in the book.”


Becoming Edward is now available in paperback. It’s about a guy who starts dressing up like Edward Cullen to attract a girl who’s a massive Twilight fan. Trouble is, he gets it mostly wrong which has disastrous consequences. It’s set in the UK and is fun, light-hearted and a must for all Twilight fans and would make a perfect Christmas gift.  Becoming Edward in paperback is available from Amazon.com/US  $8.99.   £6.99  at Amazon.com/UK.   It’s also available in ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in all other eformats at Smashwords.com

Rules: This contest is open to US and UK fans only.  You MST enter “I want my Edward!” bellow, on Twitter or our Facebook page to be entered in the contest.  Contest ends December 18th, 2011 at 11:59 AM (US, Eastern Time). Yes, that’s morning.  I will need to get the winner’s info immediately in order to get the book in the mail on December 19th, this is a must.  Winner to receive one signed copy (by the author, Faye Meredith) of Becoming Edward.  Enter as many times as you like. 

Good luck!

Image Credit  ~ Faye Meredith

Amadou Ly Talks French Coven In Breaking Dawn Part 2

Amadou Ly attends THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 1 premiere

Amadou Ly attends THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 1 premiere

Lori had the chance to talk with Amadou Ly in a phone interview about a week ago. After she introduced herself, she  explained that she was part of the interview team (Twilight Series Theories, Twilight Examiner, and Twilight Facebook) that got him and Janelle Froehlich to talk about a few things that were maybe a bit of a secret still. You can watch the video of this interview as well as the one we did with Melissa Rosenberg for more information about the French Coven.

Twilight Lexicon: Let me tell you what happened. We had heard about the French coven and I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into it. Then when I saw you, it clicked in my mind that you have a striking resemblance to Edi Gathegi. That’s where the whole conversation came from. Have you met Edi Gathegi?

Amadou: Yes, I met him that night at the premiere actually. He was a really nice guy and I told him how much I admire his work.

Twilight Lexicon: The interview we did with you – and when we spoke to Melissa Rosenberg she mentioned some stuff about the French coven – I have to tell you that it has been stirring up quite a bit of conversation in the fandom. How does that make you feel?

Amadou: When the made the announcement of the new French coven, it little went from like zero to sky rocket. Then three days later you have the Spectrum stating that I’m one of the French vampires to watch out for. It’s definitely a great feeling and I’m really grateful to see the positive reaction so far. And I really think [fans] are going to love it – they’re going to love the French vampires simply because there’s going to be something new for the fans to see. And we’re also speaking French in the film.

Twilight Lexicon: How much of your dialogue is in French?

Amadou: I don’t know. You might have to wait and see!

Twilight Lexicon: There are a few fans who have commented on our website who are worried that by adding a coven we are going to lose some parts that were in the book originally. How would you respond to them?

Amadou: Melissa Rosenberg and Stephenie Meyer actually added a bonus coven for the fans. I think once [the fans] give it a chance and take a look at what’s being revealed by adding the new French coven, I think they’ll totally be happy with the addition of the new coven. So far what I’ve read has been positive and I’m glad [fans] are embracing it the way they are at the moment.

Twilight Lexicon: Your personal story is so unique and you’ve been sharing touches of your own personal story in various interviews. You’re from Senegal.

Amadou: Yes.

Twilight Lexicon: When did you first come to the United States?

Amadou: I came to the US on Sept. 10, 2001.

Twilight Lexicon: And then you became a student in search of a visa.

Amadou: I was undocumented for a few years and then I received my F1 visa and my green card.

Twilight Lexicon: But yet through all of your struggles you’ve ended up in this major franchise kind of living a dream life!

Amadou: Totally! From being in Senegal to overcoming all those obstacles that were in my way and then growing up in Harlem and living on my own since I was 14 then dealing with immigration at 18 to the point where I was pretty close to being deported – yes! At the moment I can happily say I am totally living a dream life!

Twilight Lexicon: Do you see yourself as a source of inspiration to young people? I mean, so many kids now a days are giving up way too soon on life and their dreams. What kind of advice would you give to them about not giving up?

Amadou: When I was a kid growing up in Harlem I was circled by a lot of negativity. I learned a lot of great things, but the truth is, I was circled by a lot of negativity whether it was gang members or drug dealers or killers. Therefore, what I did was I found voices that spoke to me or spoke to my soul. Those voices were from Sydney Poitier or Oprah Winfrey, and at the same time reading different type of books from The Alchemist to Tuesday’s with Morrie to make me appreciate life more and understand that there is going to be struggle in life, struggles are here to be overcame. Once I learned that there’s going to be struggles everywhere you go, it just made things easier. As a matter of fact, it made me become more excited for more struggles. I don’t know if that sounds right to you?

Twilight Lexicon: That sounds exactly right. That you’re excited to see what you can learn and how you can grow in the future.

Amadou: Exactly. Throughout the years I’ve developed a mechanism where we can’t let the small things bother you, but at the same time, we’re all human. We still go through struggles every day.

Twilight Lexicon: You said in one of the interviews that I read that Effie in Dreamgirls was one of your personal inspirations.

Amadou: Totally. I remember in 2006 when I was watching Dreamgirls. Looking at the character Effie and how much she wanted to pursue her dreams yet there’s this huge speed bump. Just looking at everything that she had to go through. Literally it told me to keep going and that it is more than possible. So watching Bill Condon direct in that film and then having the opportunity to work with Bill Condon in Twilight at this stage – it’s a dream that came true!

Twilight Lexicon: Almost like a full circle moment.

Amadou: Yes. Totally. I even told them this at the premiere. I’ve been living a dream and I think some of the people just question how much I smile or how I laugh a lot. It’s because I’m living a dream! They have no idea!

Twilight Lexicon: You do! You smile from ear to ear. When people were asking me about what was memorable [from the premiere], I mentioned you and how huge your smile was.

Amadou: Thank you! I believe in positivity. I believe in great energy. And I believe that we are all one. Therefore, do your part and smile and you never know – that smile may make someone else’s day.

Twilight Lexicon: We always ask in interviews if you have any upcoming projects that they want the fandom to know about because – as I hope you will learn about the Twilight fandom is that we like to follow actors in other things that they do! SO what upcoming projects do you have?

Amadou: I’m working with director Jessica Goldberg on a project where I’m playing an immigrant whose story is pretty close to my personal life story. So you should totally look out for that. But at the moment we are in the early stages. I’m also writing a pilot that I’m working on and I think that’s going to be amazing. [Fans] can follow my on twitter @AmadouLy where I will keep them updated on every single thing that I’m working on. So far the fans have been lovely and very supportive. I’ve very grateful to have their presence.

Twilight Lexicon: Is there anything else you’d like to say to the fans?

Amadou: Thank you for making Breaking Dawn Part 1 number one in the world. (Note: At the time of the interview, the film was in I’s 2nd week at number 1.) It is mind blowing how they have supported Breaking Dawn 1. However, Breaking Dawn 2 is coming! It is the final. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you scared. After all, it is the end of Twilight and Twilight is a generation. You will have to go and watch Breaking Dawn 2, because generations will go by and everyone will look back and they’ll talk about Breaking Dawn 2.

Twilight Lexicon They’ll say, “Where were you when?”

Amadou: Exactly! Everyone will look back and say, “Do you remember this scene? Do you remember the fight scene? Do you remember other scenes?” And trust me, you will want to remember it because you will want to remember the momentum and the energy. Bill Condon did such an amazing job. And you have the new French coven to watch out for! And there’s a lot of other surprises! Who knows – there might be a twist coming around your way!

Twilight Lexicon: Well, we are excited for it! Thank you so much for talking with me.

Amadou: Thank you so much. I enjoyed this, and I also enjoyed the other one! (Meaning the red carpet interview.)


Credit to Twilight Lexicon(Lori)

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What do you think about the new coven being added to Part 2? Certainly, it will serve some fresh material and a few surprises for us all! The fact that Melissa Rosenberg and Stephenie Meyer worked to make these characters certainly speaks to the creative authority involved in creating these roles, right? Any other thoughts?

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