Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!


Can you believe that we’ll be sitting in a cold theater at midnight with out feet sticking to a butter covered floor in 20 days to finally see Breaking Dawn?  I feel like I’ve been waiting on this movie my whole life!  I sometimes feel like I’ve been dodging clips for even longer.  What’s with that Summit?  Can’t we just see the movie in the theater?  I’ve posted some of the clips but I’m proud to say that I haven’t watched the majority of them. 


We started out the week by withing Catherine Hardwicke a Happy Birthday!!

Robert Pattinson Spills on Making Music, Traveling to London and the End of Twilight!

Excitement Buzzing for Breaking Dawn!!

Nikki Reed reveals her wedding dress!!

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“Bella in the bathroom”  ~  ANOTHER clip!

Kristen Stewart’s December Glamour UK Cover!  See it HERE!

Check out the “Don’t take too long Mrs. Cullen” clip fromBreaking Dawn!

Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson at Brussels premiere of Breaking Dawn!


Christina Perri’s new song from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack!  This is the official music video!

Another new song from the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack!  The Belle Bridage ~ “I Didn’t Mean It!”

If you haven’t yet heard the wedding version of “Flighless Bird American Mouth,”  PLEASE go HERE and watch this video.  It really is an amazing song!  So perfect for this soundtrack!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

It’s almost here!  Only 27 more days!!!!!

 I was out of town last weekend so there wasn’t a Weed End Post.  I’m making up for that today!

 Jackson Rathbone talks Breaking Dawn SEX!

We started out the week with NEW Breaking Dawn character cards!  See them HERE!

Check out the newly released TV Week outtakes of Robert Pattinson!!

Have you gotten Immortal yet?

Kristen Stewart talks vampire Bella with BoxOffice Magazine!

Twilight Saga “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars!  Hear it HERE!

I attended the Official Twilight Convention in Baltimore.  This is my BIG FAT TWILIGHT CONVENTION POST!!

Huge Jackman recalls karaoke with Robert Pattinson!

Check out the newest Breaking Dawn stills and trailer screen shots…HERE!


Chaske Spencer talks about taking it all off!!

Have you gotten the NEW Twilight Graphic Novel Volume 2?  Get movin!

Have you seen the new Volvo Ad?

Guess who will be at the LA Twilight Convention?  Three guesses…..

Check out the longer version of the Entertainment Tonight interview.

NEW Breaking Dawn items at Hot Topic!

Have you picked up your movie tie in paper back of Breaking Dawn?

Listen to the NEW Christina Perri song “A Thousand Years” from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack!

More behind the scene clips from Breaking Dawn!

The Hillywood Show has a NEW Parody!!  Check our GaGaWeen HERE!

Nikki Reed is married !  Click HERE to see her on her wedding day!

Click HERE to watch a video of a Twilight fan playing a Twilight inspired piano piece.  It’s amazing!

Check out this video clip of Rob and Kristen discussing Breaking Dawn!

The Breaking Dawn cast discuss the wedding in this video clip!


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Twilight Blobs Week End Recap!!


This week started out with my buying my ticket for the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn!!!!  Woot Woot!!!

Robert Pattinson was in and out of Toronto this week for Cosmopolis re-shoots!  He was looking really scruffy.  Check out some photos HERE!

Kristen Stewart on the cover of Glamour Magazine!  Check out the inside photos HERE!

Will Robert Pattinson attend the UK premiere of Breaking Dawn?  Find out HERE!

Cosmopolis Director David Cronenberg  talks about Robert Pattinson!

Check out the newest photos of Kristen Stewart on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman!

New French Breaking Dawn poster!!






Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson to promoteBreaking Dawn in France!





Check out the NEW Hot Topic Breaking Dawn items!

Check out the new magazine from the editors of US Weekly! 

Kellan Lutz is on the cover of Nylon magazine!!  One word….YUM!

New Twilight inspired Beauty Products and perfume released this week!  Check ‘em out!

Read a fun French interview Kristen recently did.  This is a translation so keep that in mind.

Robert Pattinson tops Glamours list of sexiest men!  Sounds like a no brainer to me!

Charlize Theron talks Kristen Stewart!

Taylor Lautner Abduction interview with GQ.Com!

The View Point Inn Officially Abandoned!  Sigh……

Watch the behind the scenes video of Kristen Stewart at her Glamour magazine shoot!

Kristen Stewart on the cover of the November 2011  issue of British GQ!

Own Bella Swan’s wedding hair comb!

With the release of Breaking Dawn just around the corner, Summit Entertainment introduces Twilight Tuesdays!

Have a great weekend!  I’m off attending another Twilight Convention so you probably won’t hear from me.  Hopefully I’ll have a good post for Monday with all the trouble I was able to get into!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

Lots of fun stuff this week!

The Breaking Dawn cover art and full track listing was released…including info on the deluxe edition!

See Rob shopping in LA!

Rob and Reese talk about Water for Elephants!

We got to see the first photos of Kristen Stewart in armor while filming Snow White and the Huntsman!

Rob & Kristen rocked the birth scene!


A photographer claims Rob almost punched him.  That’s kinda like being “almost pregnant”

Robert Pattinson flew in and out of Toronto for reported reshoots for Cosmopolis.  He was only there for two days.  You can see photos of him arriving HEREDeparting HERE and out and about in Toronto HERE.

Memorable movie pregnancies.  Bella is in there!

Jackson Rathbone’s special message for Facebook fans!

We posted the lead single  from the soon to be released Breaking Dawn Part I soundtrack!  Tell us what you think!

Check out this video of Kristen Stewart filming Snow White and the Huntsman on a beach in Wales!  After you do that, go HERE and see the over 100 photos we’ve posted of Kristen looking beautiful while filming.  We love her long dark hair!


We posted a link to order the new “Waterfall” poster from Breaking Dawn Part I!  Take a look HERE and order!


….and last but not least, BREAKING DAWN TICKETS GO ONSALE TODAY!  GO, NOW, RUN!!!!!!


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Have a great weekend and CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA!!!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

As the release of  Breaking Dawn gets closer and closer, more fun stuff is popping up all over the place!

We started the week with Kristen Stewart at the Mulberry fashion show in London looking beautiful with her long dark Snow White locks!  Go to our Facebook page and see over 50 photos of Kristen at the fashion show and after party!

The Breaking Dawn Movie tie-in paper back is available for pre-order on Amazon!

Taylor Lautner talks about the end of Twilight!

Taylor also stopped by David Letterman this week!

Breaking Dawn officially got a PG-13 rating this week!

Own a replica of Bella’s NEW MOON jacket!!

Robert Pattinson is in every second of Cosmopolis!

See the NEW Breaking Dawn cardboard display that will be in some movie theater lobbies when Breaking Dawn Opens!

Bruno Mars is OFFICIALLY on the new Breaking Dawn soundtrack!  He has the lead single!  It’s called IT WILL RAIN!

Here’s a photo of Rob in LA….still wearing that Baltimore Orioles hat!

This photo is from the Brad Pitt interview in Entertainment Weekly.  It’s funny when he realized who Taylor Lautner is!

Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene were listed in Seventeen magazine as the best dressed stars in their 20s!  See the photo HERE!

Taylor Lautner in Seventeen magazine!


Check out the behind the scenes footage of Boo Boo Stewart’s Troix Magazine photo shoot!

FINALLY…the NEW Breaking Dawn Official Movie Companion is available for pre-order!!  Also, don’t forget to pre-order the Graphic Novel as well!  It will be released in just over two weeks!  You can pre-order them on Amazon HERE and HERE!

Go HERE to see what Bruno Mars has to say about his new song for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack and the darker side of love!

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Have a great weekend!  54 DAYS!!!


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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

Lots of fun stuff this week so lets get started!!

Robert Pattinson becomes pop art!  I didn’t see this many places which I find odd but check out the photo HERE!

New Water for Elephants stills was released as well as a DVD/Blu-ray extra where Rob talks about working with Rosie.  Check out the stills and video HERE!

We celebrated Bella’s Birthday!!!  How did you celebrate?

Probably the best part of my week was seeing the NEW BREAKING DAWN TRAILER released!  Watch it HERE!  Let us know what you thought about it and if it was as good as you’d hoped for!

Sarah Gadon talks about filming Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson!

Rob’s Water for Elephants costume sold on Ebay UK! 


That damn blue sweater of Rob‘s makes a return on his best friend!

Rob gets an offer he coundn’t refuse!

Breaking Dawn tickets get a sale date on Fandango!!


Will there be a sequel toAbduction?  Don’t forget, it’s in theaters on September 23rd!

The Quileutes finally get their day in court!  Read the full story HERE!


This week we got Darina‘s 6th post from her recent trip to the Pacific North West!  There are great stories and lots of fun photos from Forks, La Push and the tour she took!  Check it out HERE!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

It’s been a pretty good week what with the new stills and just last night, the NEW 15 second Breaking Dawn spot!

We started out the week with Taylor Lautner on the cover of Seventeen Magazine!  As God is my witness, does anyone look better walking away?  Click HERE to see a video from the photo shoot !

We posted a photo of Robert Pattinson at the airport wearing a Baltimore Ravens hat!  Kinda random but my husband has the same hat and I always hated it.  I’m rethinking it now.  Check out the photo HERE!

Have you entered the Alfred Angelo Twilight Bridal Contest?  Enter HERE!

This weekend is Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks!  We hope everyone has a safe, fun weekend!  Take some time to drive to St. Helens to see theparking lot where Edward saved Bella, Bella’s Alley and the original Swan house as well as other fun Twilight shooting locations. While you’re there, stop into EXPERIENCE Twilight and say “HI!” to Kathy!  They have lots of fun Twilight items and some of them are even of sale!!!!

Summit Entertainment released TWO NEW BREAKING DAWN POSTERS THIS WEEK!!  Check them out HERE!

Check out Anna Kendrick on Jay Leno!

 Check out a poor quality photo from the 2012 Breaking Dawn calender!

There was a new Breaking Dawn still released this week!  Take a look HERE!  We also took the time to watch the “old”Breaking Dawn trailer to prepare for the new 15ish second spot that was released last night!  Watch the Breaking Dawn trailer HERE.

Elizabeth Reasor said the Breaking Dawn Wedding was the best she’s ever been to!  Read it all HERE!

We also posted a link on our Facebook page Ebay UK where they’re auctioning off the costume Rob wore inWater for Elephants!  The auction goes to benefit UNICEF, SAVE THE CHILDREN, WORLD CHILD CANVER AID…all good causes.  The bidding is up to 1,0347!   There’s still time!

..and finally, we got to see the NEW Breaking Dawn 17 second spot last night!  Well worth the wait! Watch it HERE!  I thought I loved Angry Edward.  I love me some worried Edward as well!

Last but not least, tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  We will all observe this day in our own way but Twilightblogs is joining other Twilight Fan sites in observing an hour of site and Facebook silence.  We hope you’ll join us.  Please go HERE if you’d like to be a part and observe with us.

Since we’re on the East Coast and West Coast as well, we will be observing twice.  These are the observance times but please go the Fandom Facebook page HERE to get more info.

1pm Eastern US Time -2pm  ~ Michelle
Noon Central US Time -1pm
11am Mountain US Time- Noon
10am Pacific US Time- 11am  ~ Kathy
7am Hawaii US Time – 8am

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Have a safe and happy September 11th weekend!  It doesn’t always have to be sad.  It’s Nessie’s Birthday after all and Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks!!!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!


I think the weather around here is finally starting to get back to normal.  My son still hasn’t gone back to school yet but everyone’s electricity is slowly starting to flicker on and it hasn’t rained in three days.  Storms, earthquake and then hurricane quickly followed by my kids and I getting rammed by a novice in the parking lot of Starbucks finished the week off with a bang..literally.

I wasn’t even able to get a Week End post up last week because although I could get online, I wasn’t able to do anything.  It was super annoying.  I’m just not one of those people that can live without internet service.  I start to get the shakes after about 30 minutes.  I wish I was elaborating.

We learned last week when and where Breaking Dawn will be premiering in the U.S.  Go HERE to get the info!

Summit has released New Breaking Dawn t-shirts!  See the shirts and get info on ordering them HERE.


We got to see a new Breaking Dawn poster!  Same shot of Edward and Bella but they’re alone!  Go HERE to see the whole poster and order it for yourself!

Taylor Launter was a presenter at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards!  You can go HERE to see a video!

There was also a BRAND NEW BREAKING DAWN STILL RELEASED!!  Go HERE to take a look and see Bella, Charlie and Renee before the wedding!

The Official Twilight Convention Tour announced that they added a November stop to their schedule!  This is right before Breaking Dawn I is released!  Get more info HERE!

Taylor Lautner’s 2012 Calender is available for pre-order!  Go HERE to reserve one for yourself!

Taylor Lautner’s newest film Abduction is set to be released on September 23rd!  Check HERE to get the track listing for the soundtrack coming out on September 20th!

Kristen Stewart stared in her first music video!  She couldn’t have picked a better song.  The song is Marcus Foster’s ‘I Was Broken.”  I’ve loved it since the first time I heard it but this is by far the best version!  Please take a minute to watch the video and listen to the song because it is truly amazing!  Kristen looks beautiful!  Watch the video HERE.

Have a great weekend!  Everyone please send good thoughts that my son gets to go back to school soon!  He was so excited for school to start!

Also, remember to register for the Bella Bash VIP Getaway…….Make sure you do that HERE!  The date is rapidly approaching!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

You’ve got to love the weather, right?  Two weekends, two really, really bad storms.  We spent the better part of today digging a HUGE tree in my yard out and trying to save our brand new fence before we get more horrible weather tomorrow.  We succeeded, for now.  I thought I’d try to get this post up while I have Internet access because it comes and goes.

Sorry I missed last week’s Week End Post but horrible storms, downed power lines and no service made it almost impossible.

Anyhoo, it was a good week in the Twilight world and I’m going to include last week’s posts in this Recap too!


Robert Pattinson kicked off the Cancer Bites Initiative at the Teen Choice Awards!

Snow White and the Huntsman continued filming during the London riots despite rumors!


Kiowa Gordon arrested for outstanding warrants!

Bella’s VIP Bash Getaway!  Join other Twihards in the place where Twilight was filmed!  Go HERE to get more info and get your deposit in soon!!!

Kristen Stewart on the cover of W Magazine…looking AMAZING!!

New Breaking Dawn I stills in Entertainment Weekly magazine!

Second trailer released for Taylor Lautner’s new film Abduction!  Check it out HERE!

We got a release date for the Breaking Dawn I soundtrack!  Can’t wait to see who is on it!  Twilight Saga soundtracks never disappoint!

Robert Pattinson to begin filming Unbound Captives in the Spring!

We learned where Kristen Stewart would be shooting parts of Snow White and the Huntsman!

We got to see a NEW Breaking Dawn I movie poster!  While I like the poster, it kinda reminds me of an old Guiding Light ad.  Go HERE to read more.

Check out these Twilight inspired Pop Top bracelets! Darina, the same girl who has been guest blogging for us about her *Road to Forks* makes them and sent me one that I LOVE!  If you’re interested in getting more info, go HERE!   You can contact Darina via Facebook by going HERE!  Kristen Stewart has one of these bracelets and they’re really cool!  Support a fellow Twihard!

As is all of this wasn’t good enough, just yesterday we got FOUR MORE BRAND NEW BREAKING DAWN I STILLS!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend!  Stay dry, I know I won’t!

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Twilight Blogs Week End Recap!

We’re getting soooo close to Breaking Dawn I….only 103 days, 2 hours, 5 minutes and 3 seconds!

Fun week……Charlie Bewley talked to Premiere Scene about Twilight!

Summit goes after Breaking Dawn Hackers!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson make Forbes list of Top Earning Actors!

It has been confirmed that Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed and Taylor Lautner will all be attending the 2011 Teen Choice Awards!   Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night!

We got a look at Robert Pattinson’s 2012 calendar…it’s NICE!  Click HERE to see photos and pre-order!


We got the 5th instalment of Darina‘s trip to the Pacific Northwest!  She finally made it to Forks!

We discovered that Water for Elephants is set to be released on DVD and Blue-Ray next month!  We also got a look at the cover art!

GQ did a hilarious piece on Robert Pattinson’s hair.  An homage you might say.  Read it.  Very funny.

A couple of other notable things that came up today, we found out who will be playing Kristen‘s parents in Snow White and the Huntsman.  Click HERE to see who it is.

We also got to see the new Breaking dawn t-shirt available at Hot Topic!  Check it out and order HERE.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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